What is Cutover?

What is Cutover? The Cutover platform reduces the risk and cost associated with critical enterprise IT change events.

Cutover is a SaaS platform that safeguards and controls critical enterprise IT change events. Cutover has been developed to replace the spreadsheets, emails and telephone calls that are typically used to coordinate the release of critical IT systems projects. Cutover creates an "operational theatre" that supports virtual team planning and rehearsal, implementation event status monitoring and visualisation, and provides the "books and records" of the event as an audit trail.

Cutover has paying enterprise customers and has been used to run significant IT cutovers for multi $Bn organisations to date. Cutover has been selected as one of ten companies out of 550 to be on the Barclays Accelerator programme and we have a twelve-month framework agreement with Barclays. The Cutover team has over 60 years of combined experience in this problem space including launches of global banking payments systems, EE & 4G in the UK, NASA, The European Space Agency and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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