Organisation "On Parade" vs "In Motion"

The sentiments behind the development of enterprise applications are important. One key fundamental of the Cutover tool is that it's there to provide full support when things get messy: when things are not going to plan and when managers under lots of pressure have to pull things back into order. We help with enterprise planning.

Enterprises are at risk from applications designed to offer multiple ways simply to organise and view data. These are often updated at yesterday's pace of business (weeks and months). These look great in PowerPoint presentations but are not so great on the ground.

Enterprise planning - how we help

At Cutover, we want to help organisations at the right pace (hours and minutes) to be able to cope with the critical, high-pressure circumstances when in operation, rather than when "on parade". The Cutover platform is designed to allow teams to collaboratively and efficiently conduct enterprise planning, safely run and perfectly analyse critical IT change events, and offer support when things may not be going to plan. We are not about colouring in the data. We are about helping organisations to land their critical activities successfully.