Meet the Team: Melody, Chief Marketing Officer

Melody at her friend's traditional Hindu wedding

Name: Melody Gambino

Role: Chief Marketing Officer

How did you get involved with Cutover?

I knew Ken Dummitt, Cutover's CRO, through a former employee and now friend of mine. She connected us when she heard Cutover was looking for someone to lead marketing, and the rest is history! I chose to join the company for a variety of reasons - the product is cutting edge and in a league of it's own yet simple and intuitive. I love working for tech companies, especially when the product does what it says it does. The company culture fits my style as everyone is eager and motivated to make Cutover and one another successful. Finally, the ability to lead a global team to meet lofty revenue goals was a challenge too good to pass up after a year of heavy travelling and attending my friend's traditional Hindu ceremony ignited my passion for wanting to engage more at a global level to learn more about other cultures. Plus, the flexible hours Cutover offers makes fulfilling family and spousal obligations easy as work/life balance is a priority of mine.

What are your main responsibilities as Chief Marketing Officer?

In a nutshell - brand and bookings. This is the heart of marketing and I'll be laser focused on both! Building a software brand is something I've done several times, with great success. I'll be looking to elevate the brand through strategic efforts in public relations, streamlining brand aesthetics, creating and delivering a strong brand voice through thought leadership, speaking engagements and more, and concerted social media and paid media strategies. 

Booking targets will be supported by Marketing via demand generation through an Account-Based Marketing approach - gone are the days of Marketing being the department of random emails and cute one-sheets. We are a large part of revenue generation and will generate leads and pipeline through our contribution.

What are you most looking forwards to working on at Cutover?

I'm excited to watch the company grow and mature. We are at an early stage still, but you can see the growing pains of an organization that is worthy of our highly-coveted clientele. Being a part of that growth and laying down process framework and improvements will be rewarding and crucial to meeting our goals!

What are your main priorities going forward?

Hiring! We are growing like crazy and our team is forecasted to triple in size in the next few months, and more beyond that. Finding the right people for the right roles is a huge priority for me. Additionally, getting some of the basic foundations in place such as an agency to boost our PR exposure and developing templated materials that are fit for our clients are on the top of the to do list. Finally, messaging. The words we use are important, being succinct is difficult. Finding the balance of the right language and tone that conveys what we do is what keeps me up at night (in a good way).

What do you see in the future for Cutover?

The future is bright and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. Change affects every large enterprise and it's still happening in an antiquated fashion - spreadsheets, bridge calls and email. Cutover aims to do for enterprise change what Slack did for company communication - make the process simple, pain-free, auditable and elegant. We have an opportunity to help companies across industries like finance, insurance, pharmaceutical and retail address their serious needs in pain points like resilience, transformation, migrations, and software-defined automations. As companies move from data centers to the cloud, their ability to quickly identify and assess where change is happening and forecast change will grow, as will Cutover.

You can connect with Melody on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter