Increasing Technological Footprint

Technology is developing to offer more and more value in critical business processes. For example, electronic ID and payment solutions removing more and more classic retail front-office operations. This article looks at some key practices to ensure core systems surgery periods go well.

In this circumstance, it becomes increasingly critical to take care of the similarly increasing circumstance of having to update or amend these business processes for regulatory or strategy execution drivers.

In any case where business processes that look after your customers and/or handle your revenue, care and attention is required to manage the period of core systems surgery. This is the period where the organisation is at its most vulnerable.

Cutover suggests that there are a few key practices to ensure these core systems surgery periods go well:

1. Communications are as important as the activities themselves

Plan communications broadcasts and have some systems where these do not take the leadership out of managing the transition for too long. Ensure there are appropriate systems to communicate under the inevitable change from the plan. Usually, the standard corporate systems of email and conference calls can be underpowered here to rapidly distribute information. Plan to ensure you have this capability covered.

2. A Plan is important but a complex plan is useless

A plan of activities that all contributing parties have been involved in creating, and that all involved parties understand, is critical. Avoid the temptation to tackle a complex event with a complex plan that only the project geeks on the transition understand. The critical thing is joint understanding.

3. Time taken to collect status is time taken from successful transition management

Having to step out of managing transition to understand the status at particular sites is wasted time. There should be processes and agreements in place where this is pushed and pulled from various teams and sites involved in the transition to updated systems. This is invaluable in providing reaction time to the team managing this event instead of clogging up their run time with admin tasks - you are not paying them for admin.

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