Cutover Client Update: June 2017


We are delighted that Nationwide has selected Cutover as its standard platform for release management. It has been tremendous to work in partnership with such an innovative business and Nationwide's sponsorship of the Fintech Innovation Lab was a great way of facilitating our relationship.

We’ve received some great feedback from Nationwide showing that Cutover mitigates risk and delivers improved collaboration and communications. Starting work with Nationwide is an important milestone for us as we grow from our origins in the UK and Europe to opening in New York in 2018.

barclays-2017-07-1Thanks to our close work with Barclays, five areas of the bank have now adopted Cutover with a further four in evaluation. We are continuing to work together on innovative use cases thanks to the sponsorship of a number of great business leaders in the company. 

We continue to collaborate closely a number of the Fintech Innovation Lab sponsoring banks including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds and BAML, who are at various stages of evaluating and adopting Cutover.

It has been great to continue working with our partner Clarity Management in North America where we now have a major global bank using Cutover for critical go-lives and to provide a regulatory audit trail. We have also begun work with a client in Switzerland via our partnership with Deloitte and we are continuing to work with Capita on critical client events. We are also collaborating with Accenture on a number of financial services clients.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, mentors, champions and supporters in the great and innovative organisations that are using or evaluating Cutover.