Barclays Accelerator Week 1

What a fantastic first week! We feel honoured that as a team we got on the Barclays FinTech Accelerator programme powered by Techstars.

Thoughts on the first week:

1. Supportive Network Density - the first week has been chock full of meeting people that can and do want to help us which is massively valuable.

2. Customer With Open Arms - having the support from Barclays is phenomenal.  Our mentors there help to ensure we have a sandbox and superhighway to working with a world-class bank.

3. Open to Serendipity - people come by the programme that we would never have had a chance to connect with, from the Chairman of Barclays to heads of FinTech seed funds.

The name accelerator kind of makes sense... If things continue as they are we will probably make two years of progress in 3 months!