Adherence To a Plan You Don't Have to Know

We got some great feedback recently from a Programme Director on a complex cutover that essentially said:

"In terms of using Cutover in other projects, the very nature of the tool can force people to define very specific tasks that are shown as sequential, dependent etc. An individual does not have to read the plan or rely on a team lead to instruct, they received directions directly from email / SMS (and in-app notifications) to start their task, and on completion, their status update triggers the next task. It has taken a couple of tries to get this working cleanly, but is a very significant improvement on what we had before."

The team is hard at work considering how we can do more here as it's often the big stumbling block to be able to get everyone involved to really know the plan when they do jobs. If we can continue to provide a runtime 'code'-like structure for teams to tell them when to execute with precision we can really make a difference to operational risk when making changes to complex organisational systems.